Eeshaan Jain

Incoming PhD student @ EPFL under Prof. Charlotte Bunne
Fifth year undergaduate student studying Artificial Intelligence @ IIT Bombay
Exchange student @ EPFL, Switzerland in Computer Science for Autumn 2022-23


Whoever is viewing this, hello! Hope you are doing well!
I have a keen interest in Machine Learning surrounding applications of geometric learning to life sciences. Previously, I have worked on optimization, graph neural networks and impactful and fair learning. I am currently working under Prof. Abir De and Prof. Soumen Charkabarti on notions of graph similarity, and combinatorial optimization at IIT Bombay.

  • Here is a link to my Publications (Last updated: Sep 2023)

  • CVs:
  • Here is a link to the list of projects I have done: Projects

  • Here is a link to the notes I have made for courses or interesting topics: Notes

I have acted as a Teaching Assistant in the following courses at IIT Bombay:

  1. CS 419M (Introduction to Machine Learning) (100+ students)
  2. CS 768 (Learning with Graphs) (50+ students)
  3. CS 769 (Optimization for Machine Learning: 100+ students)
  4. MA 207 (Partial Differential Equations: 200+ students)
  5. MA 108 (Ordinary Differential Equations: 400+ students)
  6. CH 107 (Quantum Chemistry: 400+ students)

I currently study at IIT Bombay, though I hail from Pune, where I have attended my secondary and high school. I can speak English and Hindi fluently, while I am learning Japanese now!

In my free time, I:

  • Go for hikes
  • Play GeoGuessr/chess
  • Read about cultures around the world
May 21, 2024 I would be attending M2L Summer School at Milan, Italy!
May 21, 2024 I will be attending EEML Summer School at Novi Sad, Serbia this summer!
May 05, 2024 I will be attending ML4DD Summer School and MoML Conferece at Montreal, Canada this summer!
Mar 28, 2024 I will be joining EDIC, EPFL for PhD next fall!
Oct 30, 2023 My work at NeurIPS 2023 was awarded with the Google Conference Scholarship and the NeurIPS travel award!
Sep 22, 2023 My work at IIT Bombay as the first author, Efficient Data Subset Selection to Generalize Training Across Models: Transductive and Inductive Networks, in collaboration with Google AI and UT Dallas has been accepted at NeurIPS 2023!
May 21, 2023 Started a research internship at Aalto University (Finland) under Prof. Vikas Garg in Geometric Learning
Sep 01, 2022 Going to EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland (#14 in QS Ranking) for a semester exchange, in the department of Computer Science
Aug 19, 2022 Received the Institute Academic Prize for outstanding academic performance!
Jul 26, 2022 Selected for IDDDP from Electrical Engineering to C-MInDS (AI/ML) at IIT Bombay
May 09, 2022 Started Summer Internship at AWL, Inc. Japan in the AI Core Engine team
Sep 03, 2021 Incoming summer intern at AWL Inc., Japan :wink:
Jul 12, 2021 Received the Institute Academic Prize for outstanding academic performance!
Dec 01, 2020 Received my second AP grade in MA 207 (Differential Equations) :smiley:
Dec 01, 2019 Obtained my first AP grade in CH 107 (Physical Chemistry) :sparkles:
Jul 20, 2019 Finally, coming to IIT Bombay, after 2 years of an arduous journey!